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benavidez jr.

Jose Benavidez Jr. has a reputation for being merciless, a power puncher who will take out an opponent in a minute. He enjoys beating people, tearing them up, ripping them apart. There is not a civilized bone in his body. He is all animal, all brute, all boxer. That is what makes him so popular with boxing fans. They like brutality. They might be surprised to discover he has another side, a gentler and kinder side.

Jr. has always enjoyed fast cars, guns, late nights, partying, and all action. Some of that has been traded, perhaps because of his age. Like it or not maturity will often sneak into a person when least expected. He has traded in the fast cars for an unreliable block of British iron and gas hog called a Range Rover. The electric cooler in the console fascinates him and the cooler holds several cans of beer.

He enjoys reading and is now thumbing through the Vietnam novel “Incoming” and a book on PTSD called “Every High and Low.” He is a smart man who does not need a dictionary to understand the complicated words. He has always been a slick talker and knows just what to say to the media, true or not. He would make a great conman and would look natural pitching organic knuckle cream for better knockouts.

He enjoys winding up people, prodding them, attempting to piss them off. His verbal jabs are as tough as his physical ones and for those who can’t take the blows they had best leave the gym. He constantly fights with his father and trainer, Jose Benavidez, who has devoted his life for both his boys, Jr. and David, to make them champions. Yet, deep inside, he knows he would be a worthless gang-banger without his help.

He sits ringside and offers advice to new boxers, tells them how to move, to straighten their jabs, bend in the hook, and don’t forget the body.

He always brightens up and a smile replaces his sneer whenever kids appear. He kneels to their level, shakes their hands, gives them hugs and tries to get them to throw a few punches at him, punches that often knock him over in pain.

He is seldom without his young daughters and he brings them to the gym during workouts while his wife works. They attempt to glove him up for sparring. He gives them kisses.

He has a tough fight coming up against Francisco Emanuel Torres November 13 at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona and shown on Showtime. He won’t be giving him any kisses.

November 13, Showtime

Jose Benavides Jr back in Action

Fans have been waiting for two years to see their favorite boxer in the ring.

All the Details

Brothers either love one another, hate one another, or are indifferent to one another, but, one thing is certain, if they work together at their craft they both get better, especially in sports, specifically contact sports like boxing. Here is a very small and incomplete list of boxing brothers who have risen to the top ranks in boxing.

Mikey and Robert Garcia; Roger, Floyd and Jeff Mayweather; Jerry, Mike and Bob Quarry; Tommy and Mike Gibbons; Gene, Don and Jay Fullmer; Terry and Orlin Norris; Khaosai and Khaokor Galaxy; Michael and Leon Spinks; Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko; Juan Manuel and Rafael Marquez; Max and Buddy Bear; Christophe and Fabrice Tiozzo; Ralf and Graciano Rocchigiani; Joe and Vince Dundee; Randy, Dick, and Jackie Turpin; Fritzie Eddie, Pete, and Jack Zivic; Donald and Bruce Curry; Abe and Monte Attell; Rafale and Gabriel Ruellas; Anthony and Andre Durrell; David and Matthew Hilton; Jermal and Jermel Charlo.

Brothers have an advantage in boxing. They have a constant supporter and a constant sparring partner. Brothers are not afraid to be critical and to give and take that criticism without complaint. Brothers enjoy beating on one another and encouraging one another to do better through taunting and ridicule. The Benavidez brothers are no exception.

The fleshy pot-bellied boxer who entered the gym two months ago looked nothing like “Merciless” Jose Benavidez, Jr. He was not a shell of his former self; Benavidez was a barrel, round and doughy, not a muscle on him. He had not entered a gym for two years, not since he lost by KO in the final round in 2018 to Terrance Crawford. The loss was his first. He staged a valiant fight throwing the harder punches, just too few of them.

Hard work is something he has never enjoyed and he sports a reputation more along the lines of Playboy and good time Charlie. Given a day at the gym or a day driving a fast car he will usually choose the later. With a record of 27-1-0 with 18 KOs, his fighting ability has never been in doubt. He has put away some of the best  in the business including Frank Rojas, Matthew Strode, Jorge Paez Jr and Henry Auraad. He gave them all a through thrashing. If taken the distance he fights to the end and has decisioned Francisco Santana, Sidney Sigueira, and Mauricio Herrera. Benavidez is a fighter’s fighter, straight ahead and all action. No one recalls him having a dull fight or taking a backward step.

Can he bring that same fire to his bout against 17-3-0 Francisco Torres? Torres may be a tougher assignment than Benavidez wants. Customarily a fighter who has been inactive for several years gets matched with a spindly-legged opponent willing to trip onto the canvass at the first opportunity, collet his money and head to the bar. Torres is not a lay-down canvasback.  He has not fought the best opponents, but most of them have had winning records and he is durable. With just 4 KOs he is not likely to injure Benavidez. With any luck Torres will supply a few good rounds and take advantage of Benavidez’ long hours in the sauna to shed the pounds.

This fight could be considered a comeback fight for Benavidez. He denies that description. “I was never out of boxing,” he said. People thought his loss to Crawford had battered his pride. “Not so,” he said. “My wife and I had just had a new baby girl and I wanted to spend time with her and not be an absentee father. My daughter is off to a good start so I am back to work.” His family deserves the best and that is what he is going to give them.

Benavidez Jr is on the November 13th Showtime undercard with his brother, former two time super middleweight champion David Benavidez. David Benavidez faces former champion Jose Uzcategui in the main event at the Phoenix Arena. David has recently eclipsed Jose Jr and is considered one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the business. The two of them often spar together and offer advice to one another on the skills of boxing. Nothing makes boxers better than competition between brothers. The August 28thShowtime card should be outstanding and a chance for fans to see if Jose Jr still has a chance to overcome his only loss and go for the gold.



Los hermanos se aman, se odian o son indiferentes entre sí, pero una cosa es segura, si trabajan juntos en su oficio, ambos mejoran, especialmente en los deportes, específicamente en los deportes de contacto como el boxeo. Aquí hay una lista muy pequeña e incompleta de hermanos del boxeo que se han elevado a los primeros puestos en el boxeo.

Mikey y Robert García; Roger, Floyd y Jeff Mayweather; Jerry, Mike y Bob Quarry; Tommy y Mike Gibbons; Gene, Don y Jay Fullmer; Terry y Orlin Norris; Khaosai y Khaokor Galaxy; Michael y Leon Spinks; Vitali y Wladimir Klitschko; Juan Manuel y Rafael Márquez; Max y Buddy Bear; Christophe y Fabrice Tiozzo; Ralf y Graciano Rocchigiani; Joe y Vince Dundee; Randy, Dick y Jackie Turpin; Fritzie Eddie, Pete y Jack Zivic; Donald y Bruce Curry; Abe y Monte Attell; Rafale y Gabriel Ruellas; Anthony y Andre Durrell; David y Matthew Hilton; Jermal y Jermel Charlo.

Los hermanos tienen ventaja en el boxeo. Tienen un partidario constante y un compañero de entrenamiento constante. Los hermanos no tienen miedo de ser críticos y de dar y recibir esa crítica sin quejarse. Los hermanos disfrutan golpeándose unos a otros y animándose unos a otros a hacerlo mejor mediante burlas y burlas. Los hermanos Benavidez no son una excepción.

El carnoso boxeador barrigón que entró al gimnasio hace dos meses no se parecía en nada al “Despiadado” José Benavidez, Jr. No era un caparazón de lo que era antes; Benavidez era un tonel, redondo y pastoso, no un músculo en él. No había ingresado a un gimnasio durante dos años, no desde que perdió por KO en la ronda final en 2018 ante Terrance Crawford. La pérdida fue la primera. Organizó una lucha valiente lanzando los golpes más duros, muy pocos de ellos.

El trabajo duro es algo que nunca ha disfrutado y tiene una reputación más parecida a la de Playboy y el buen pasar de Charlie. Dado un día en el gimnasio o un día conduciendo un coche rápido, normalmente elegirá lo más tarde. Con un récord de 27-1-0 con 18 KOs, su capacidad de lucha nunca ha estado en duda. Ha guardado a algunos de los mejores en el negocio, incluidos Frank Rojas, Matthew Strode, Jorge Paez Jr y Henry Auraad. Les dio a todos una paliza. Si se toma la distancia lucha hasta el final y ha decidido a Francisco Santana, Sidney Sigueira y Mauricio Herrera. Benavidez es un luchador de luchadores, de frente y toda acción. Nadie recuerda que haya tenido una pelea aburrida o que haya dado un paso atrás.

¿Puede traer ese mismo fuego a su pelea contra Francisco Torres 17-3-0? Torres puede ser una tarea más difícil de lo que quiere Benavidez. Habitualmente, un luchador que ha estado inactivo durante varios años es emparejado con un oponente de piernas delgadas que está dispuesto a tropezar con la lona en la primera oportunidad, reunir su dinero y dirigirse al bar. Torres no es un canvasback acostado. No ha peleado contra los mejores oponentes, pero la mayoría de ellos ha tenido récords ganadores y es duradero. Con solo 4 KOs, no es probable que lesione a Benavidez. Con suerte, Torres proporcionará unas buenas rondas y aprovechará las largas horas de Benavidez en la sauna para perder peso.

Esta pelea podría considerarse una pelea de regreso para Benavidez. Niega esa descripción. "Yo nunca salí del boxeo", dijo. La gente pensaba que su derrota ante Crawford había golpeado su orgullo. "No es así", dijo. “Mi esposa y yo acabábamos de tener una nueva niña y quería pasar tiempo con ella y no ser un padre ausente. Mi hija ha tenido un buen comienzo, así que he vuelto al trabajo ". Su familia se merece lo mejor y eso es lo que les va a dar.

Benavidez Jr está en la cartelera de Showtime November 13 de agosto con su hermano, el ex dos veces campeón de peso súper mediano David Benavidez. David Benavidez se enfrenta al ex campeón José Uzcategui en el evento principal en el Phoenix Arena. David ha eclipsado recientemente a José Jr y es considerado uno de los mejores boxeadores libra por libra en el negocio. Los dos a menudo entrenan juntos y se ofrecen consejos sobre las habilidades del boxeo. Nada hace que los boxeadores sean mejores que la competencia entre hermanos. La cartelera de Showtime del 28 de agosto debería ser sobresaliente y una oportunidad para que los fanáticos vean si José Jr todavía tiene la oportunidad de superar su única derrota e ir por el oro.