Daisy Delgado makes Pro Debut Saturday, October 21 at Green River Center in Auburn


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Daisy Delgado, the "Battling Neutrino," puts her beauty queen looks on the line in upcoming fight

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Though she be small, she be mighty. Daisy Delgado enters the ring for her pro debut Saturday, October 21, at Green River Center in Auburn, WA. Delgado is a petite and attractive woman who is full of fight. She is also a fitness expert and nutritionist.

Delgado manages the Benavidez Boxing Gym in Burien where she holds fitness classes and trains with some of the finest pro trainers including her husband Jose Benavidez.

Her fitness and nutritional advice are excellent as proven by two-time super middleweight champion David Benavidez. When David wanted to turn pro he weighed over 280 pounds. Delgado brought him down to 165 where he has remained for his fights.

Delgado, an honor student in high school, studied to become a dental assistant but quickly realized she wanted to devote her life to something more physical. She studied nutrition and physical fitness. She soon combined that with boxing. She feels that boxing gives one of the best overall workouts available. Every part of the body is put to good use.

During her time in the business she has also entered beauty contests and came in second in one of California’s most prestigious swimsuit competitions. She also sells a line of clothing. She so believes in boxing for fitness that she has her daughter, Princess, learning the sport.

Also on the card are Jacob Martin, Francisco Reyes, Carlos Villanueva, Julio Hernandez, Evian Rodriguez, undefeated James Browning, and the return of Jahelel Brito Carilo. Other boxers round out the nine card event.