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Green River Bash Gallegos vs Cruz in exciting main event

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Luis Gallegos (5-0-0) headlined the main event on a Makina show at Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington,  April 15 against Gregory Cruz (5-1-9).  The young Gallegos was thrilled to be chosen for the main event. Many boxers never fight a main event and few do so with so few fights.

Makina Promotions has a strong commitment to helping young fighters advance their careers. Without small shows boxers have no way to learn and practice their trade. Green River is ideal for small shows with decent seating and an intimate feel. All that is missing is the cigar smoke.

Because of his age, Gallegos has been fighting in Mexico. He was now ready for the U.S. and ready to face an opponent of equal skill. He stepped into the ring wearing pink and white trunks and was greeted with loud cheers from the crowd. Cruz, another fan favorite, was dressed mostly in tattoos. 

The fight was a crowd-pleaser and could have gone either way with Gallegos firing half the time and Cruz the other half. Gallegos landed the harder blows but fewer of them. He spent much of his time with his back against the ropes but fought much better in the center of the ring where could move and use his long reach. Perhaps of the pressure, Gallegos/ timing appeared to be off and many of his punches went wide.

Cruz remained the aggressor much of the time and was happy to have Gallegos on the ropes where he could not move and was an easy target. He took every advantage he could of that target but had little power in his punches. Gallegos has a decent chin and is a hard man to put down or to discourage.

Tension filled the room as the crowd awaited the decision and both fighters paced in their corners. Gallegos managed to pull off the split decision in a tough fight by both men.

Gallegos defeats Cruz by SD

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Rob Diesel defeats Ye Joon Kim by MD

In other action Rob Diezel (14-9-0) beat Ye Joon Kim (19-1-2) in an exciting bout where gloves were thrown like ping-balls. Kim was flown in from Korea for the bout to give the show an international flair. This was another  close fight with Diezel coming away with the majority decision.

Cameron Seville defeats Dylan Carlson by UD

Cervantes vs Rodriguez

It did not take long for Jose Cervantes (2-1-0) to KO Evian Rodriguez (0-3-0) in the first round.

Villanueva defeats Anderson by KO

Landin defeats Dea by KO

McDonald defeats Martin by UD

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